Aaina strikes Manipal with Pink Panther2 min read

April 14, 2013 2 min read

Aaina strikes Manipal with Pink Panther2 min read

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Manipal: Aaina, the official Dramatics Club of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), hosted its end semester production, “The Pink Panther Strikes Again”. The three hour play which was held in the Syndicate Bank Golden Jubilee Hall on April 14, received mixed responses from the audience.

The play was an adaptation of the play script by William Gleason.  The plot revolved around the former Chief Inspector of the Parisian Police Force, Paul Dreyfus’ evil scheme to take revenge on Jacques Clouseau for driving him insane. Dreyfus escapes from the asylum and heads to India where he kidnaps a scientist to build a doomsday machine as a part of his evil master plan to destroy the world. The Play followed the wit and humour of Clouseau, as he pieces the puzzle together with the help of many vibrant supporting characters, in order to stop Dreyfus and save the world.

Merging the Pink Panther’s French lifestyle with the Indian colloquial life kept the audience engaged as the actors would often deliver lines in Hindi.  At the end of the play, Clouseau, disguised as a Gujarati dentist, amused the audience when he delivered his dialogue in Gujarati with a French accent. Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau, played by Deepankar Tripathi, a third year student at MIT had the audience in splits throughout the play. “The play was brilliant and Jacques Clouseau’s performance clinched it all together,” said Sneha Krishnamoorthy, a first year IT student from MIT.

“The plot was very unconventional and it didn’t make much sense. The numbers of set changes were irritating but I guess it was required. The Russian girl’s accent was Indian which was disappointing and the play was very long as well,” said Varun Rajaram, a first year EEE student from MIT. Akshat Chopra, one of the Assistant Directors of the play responded to the criticism by saying, “The play is a very eloquent one. The number of set changes that occurred was necessary to make the script more clear but, the audience seemed to take it in their stride. We worked very hard to make this play a success and it turned out to be one.”

The audience had a varied reaction towards the play’s length. By the end of Act one, many members of the audience had left. Aaina joked about the length of the play themselves by announcing comical regrets in between set changes.


Sub-edited by Mahima Singh