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NCC’s Aakraman pulls through despite restrictions2 min read

April 14, 2013 2 min read


NCC’s Aakraman pulls through despite restrictions2 min read

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Manipal: The Four Karnataka Engineer Company of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) celebrated its 51st year anniversary by making Aakraman 2013, a better success than last year. Organised from April 12-14, the competitions were made more challenging, with the final phase being held in the dark.

Aakraman 2013 was divided into three phases. The first phase had 35 teams of four students each who had a group discussion regarding various subjects. The 12 that made it through to the second phase had to go through the Team Obstacle Race, which helped in testing the candidates physically. Awadh Kapoor, a commander said, “Candidates had to crawl underneath a barbed wire fence as one of the tasks in the team obstacle race, which made it much more challenging for them.” Phase three of Aakraman was the most challenging of all; in pitch darkness, candidates, pretending to be soldiers, had to use rifles to bring down high value targets. It was held on the obstacle course itself and only one team made it through as the winner.

Apart from the competitions, awareness and knowledge regarding the military was generated among the public through an exhibition. The military exhibition enabled the public to get a feel of the various tools and weapons used by the engineering corps. Tanya Mandal, a cadet, said, “The highlight of the military exhibition for me was the stall that displayed the Kargil model.  Some of the components of the Drass sector like the Tiger Hill, NH 1A, LOC and Three Pimples were showcased for the public.”

The blood donation camp which is usually held in the MIT food court was shifted to Kasturba Medical College. Forty units of blood was generated through the same.  Ananya Rao, a performer at the cultural events which was introduced this year said, “Since it was NCC’s fifty year celebration last year, more events were organised as permission was easily available. But this year, apart from the blood donation camp being held at KMC, limited events were held due to permission restrictions.”

The night concluded with a speech from Col. Sanjiv Shukla who later said, “In spite of clashing with Utsav 2013, Aakraman 2013 has been a success. We had three hundred students participating all in all, this year and we will definitely improve more and more with the years to come.”


Sub edited by Bhavya Balakrishnan