Kalamanch pulls off their second meta-play1 min read

April 21, 2013 2 min read

Kalamanch pulls off their second meta-play1 min read

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Manipal: Kalamanch, the dramatics club of Manipal Institute of Communication (MIC), presented their end semester production, ‘That Darn Plot’ at the MIT Library Auditorium on April 21.

The story, once again enacted in the form of a meta-play, or a play within a play, revolves around a famous playwright Mark Transom who has to write a full length play within 11 hours. Therefore, he writes about a group of people producing a play and his writings come to life on stage. However, an obstacle is introduced when his son comes into the picture and he is forced to resolve the issues between them.

The piece is also perceived as a comedy about playwrights, rehearsals and rewriting. Stretching over a span of ninety minutes, the intensity of this play kept the audience enthralled throughout. Kalamanch’s last production ‘God’ by Woody Allen, was similarly about a writer Hepatitis trying to figure out an ending to his play.

Neerav Nagumantri, a first year student from Department of Commerce (DOC) added a note on the acting saying, “The highlight of this play was the character of a theatre-school graduate, Russell, portrayed by Vishnu Pillai. His acting was remarkable.”

Speaking of the obstacles faced by the team during production, Shruthi Menon, the director of the play explained, “Everything that could go wrong with the production went wrong. Actors quit, lines weren’t learnt and we pulled every gimmick possible. But we had fun and the end result was great.”

Among the dignitaries present were Dr. M. V. Kamath, Honorary Director of MIC, Varadesh Hiregange, Director of MIC, and other faculty members from the college.


Sub-edited by: Shiv Nair