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June 12: Time for a summer break2 min read

May 29, 2013 2 min read


June 12: Time for a summer break2 min read

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When Manipal ushered in a new semester early on this year, the mood was more sober than celebratory. After witnessing a restless country demand a wave of change following the gang rape of a woman, a woman who could mirror any female acquaintance that we stroll past on a daily basis, their safety remained the foremost concern for the returning students as well. Now, as the semester ends for most colleges, yet another disappointment in the form of spot-fixing scandals in IPL receive their biggest attention.

As the staff of TMJ takes their temporary summer break, they go back to being distant observers of such events. Regardless of how insignificant or vital an event might seem to the casual eye, TMJ will continue to document them impartially so that when the disappointment wears off, people begin to notice the effect of these changes in the student town.

Yet another incident of moral policing in Mangalore, this time involving students at an ice cream joint and an interview with Naveen Soorinje, the reporter who was jailed after covering the Mangalore Homestay attack, while hinting at incompetency in the face of an overpowering majority also show the resilience with which some are willing to fight back. The reinforcement of the ban on distribution of cigarettes and the Municipal elections were covered this semester, showing TMJ’s rising interest in the politics that surrounds its home base. Not to forget the somber introductory, over the semester, plays, marches and a self defence workshop were organised by various groups in order to spread awareness on various issues.

Timely updates on power shortages, changes in hostel timings and other rules enforced by the University were provided by the previous team, who have to be credited for reviving a few old dreams of TMJ. This semester saw the Video Features Section being refined with gusto and the smooth operation of the revamped website. TMJ served as media partners for Atharva, Rotaract Club, Article 19 and MIST as well. As the new team start another chapter of TMJ, they not only understand the need to keep that momentum going forward, but to also build their own on the new foundation carefully laid behind. Wishing you all anything but a sober summer,


Nishara K.P