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August 28: TMJ goes live1 min read

August 28, 2014 < 1 min read


August 28: TMJ goes live1 min read

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Another new semester brings fresh students to this university town. Their faces are either lit up with the sense of oppurtunity or stunned by the changes Manipal went through during the summer break. As a former editor inked in earlier editor’s note, “Change is the only constant in Manipal”, it stands vindicated even now.

With more and more people getting critical about ethical aspect of news media, in view of growing trend of sensationalism and advertorial , we at The Manipal Journal are committed to serve honest and upright news pertaining to our readers.

So the Manipal Journal is back with a fresh team but with seasoned resolve of keeping our readers updated with news stories about Manipal as it happens. To our contributors and regular readers, we hope that you keep supplying us with your valuable inputs , in form of blogs, pictures , comments etc which help us get better everytime. We are hoping to add new readers who would love to discover the diversity of the university town through our coverage.