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Egyptian Revolution activist at AIESEC Global Village2 min read

September 2, 2014 2 min read


Egyptian Revolution activist at AIESEC Global Village2 min read

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Manipal: AIESEC in Manipal University held its fourth Global Village from 14-15 August 2014 in the School of Communication (SOC) auditorium and Kasturba Medical College (KMC) food court, respectively.

This is an annual event where international exchange students and youth attendees come together to share their cultural diversity. Twenty five interns have come down to Manipal for the Youth Global Entrepreneurial Program (YGEP) from thirteen different countries like Egypt, Venezuela, Italy, Turkey and Romania, to name a few.

Although they were all from diverse backgrounds, one Egyptian intern stood out from the rest, with his story. Mohammed Mamdouh Almezaien from Ismalia, Egypt was an active protestor against the Hosni Mubarak government during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. ‘I do not want to rebel any longer. It will be a waste of my life because the people of Egypt do not understand that the revolution was for their own well being,’ he said. He also spoke about how he had been attacked with tear gas at the age of 17, and that he had been beaten up in custody along with fellow protestors. ‘There are still protests every day, but the media does not cover it because of heavy censorship,’ he concluded.

‘My mind is blown right now. I got first-hand information about the Arab Springs from someone who actually fought for it. I think sharing our stories is what we are here for,’ said Nina McDaniel, YGEP intern from Copenhagen, Denmark.

The first day of Global Village at SOC was about getting to know everyone, while day two at the KMC food court had more events, with quizzes being organised, and people dancing with the interns.

This year’s intern pool included more Central Asian and European students, making it more diverse than last year. They also introduced a ‘selfie’ corner, but dropped the food stalls this year. ‘While I feel that Global Village was much better this year, I wish they had kept the food stalls. Also, due to the increase in space, it did not seem overcrowded, like it did last year,’ said Arjan Singh, a 2nd year Manipal Institute of Technology student.

Sub edited by Sharanya Khosla