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Different Colors Of Janmashtami1 min read

September 18, 2014 < 1 min read


Different Colors Of Janmashtami1 min read

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Udupi: Sri Krishna Janmashtami was traditionally celebrated in Udupi at the Krishna Mutt on September 17 with Sri Vidyasagara Thirta Swami looking after all the rituals and prasad distributions.

Matki Phod (pot breaking) and Vittal Pindi are a big part of the ceremonies, and were organised in the Mutt. The Krishna Allare organization from Mumbai was there with a team of 200 men and 100 women, to participate in the Matki Phod event.

Vithala Pindi or Krishna Leelotsava was organized in the Ratha Bedi, and involved several devotees pulling a golden chariot that had a Krishna statue in it. The Nava Rasa or the nine sacred liquids were used during the procession to purify the way of Lord. Following this, the Hulivesha (tiger dance) competition was also held in the Mutt, and attended by over 200 devotees.

During the day, several hundred students and devotees were fed meals and prasad in the Mutt as a part of the rituals.

This annual celebration was witnessed by roughly 20,000 devotees from different places, and has been increasing every year, according to Madhvesh Acharya, the event co ordinator.

Sub-edited by Animesh Mishra