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Manipal University revamps its website1 min read

October 13, 2014 2 min read


Manipal University revamps its website1 min read

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Manipal: As is customary, Manipal University revamped its website and launched it on September 25, after four years to make more organised and easier to navigate. They have introduced other new elements, including a mobile application for Android, Apple ios and Windows operators.

‘The website has been made similar to other foreign university websites, with respect to its design, layout and organization,’ said Alex Chandy, director of PR and media communication for Manipal University. Since the website uses the Adobe QC format, it can be accessed from any device. All the information and pictures can be customised to the size of the device because of the format it is in.

A more efficient online attendance portal has been introduced, which is to be updated by the faculty members on a daily basis, so that both the parents and the students have direct access. Detailed and elaborate information has been provided regarding the hostel fees, number of rooms and other amenities. Rishab Dave, a student at Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) said ‘Initially I found it a little confusing, but now since I have got the hang of it I like it.’

Though the main website is controlled and updated by the university officials, each institution under Manipal University has been given the responsibility to update their page on the website.

‘I am happy with the new website, as now I can look up my daughter’s attendance at my convenience and also know about what is happening in Manipal sitting at home,’ said Mr Kappiarath Muralidharan, a parent. The Manipal University authorities are seeing the revamping of their website as a sign of the scope of improvement for the university as a whole.


Sub-edited by Sharanya Khosla