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MCPH holds workshop on sexuality, gender and justice1 min read

October 20, 2014 2 min read


MCPH holds workshop on sexuality, gender and justice1 min read

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Manipal: On October 18, a workshop on sexuality, gender and the quest for justice was organised by the Manipal College of Philosophy and Humanities (MCPH). Two documentaries in relation to the workshop were also screened the previous day.

The three speakers at the event discussed the plight of homosexuals and transgenders in India. In their presentations, they spoke about Article 377, hierarchy in the community, police brutality and the problems faced by the community, particularly in education, employment, property rights, medical facilities and law.

Budhaditya Mukhuty, a first year student of School of Communication (SOC) said, ‘I learned a lot about the community that I honestly had no idea about, especially the female to male transgenders and their problems. The speakers spoke of their personal experiences and it was a very innovative workshop.’

Arvind Narrain, a founding member of the Alternative Law Forum (ALF) and author of ‘ Law the Love’, Shubha Chacko, director of an NGO called Aneka, and Revathi, a transgender activist and author of ‘The Truth About Me : A Hijra Life Story’, were the speakers for the workshop.

During the panel discussions towards the end of the workshop the two topics that were discussed were ‘quest for justice’ and ‘love and pleasure’. Revathi said, “We have no love nor do we have any pleasure because if we indulge in pleasure we will get arrested because of Article 377 and love…well nobody loves us.”

Dr Michael Dusche, a student from MCPH said, ‘I have had the pleasure of meeting Arvind Narrain in a similar setting in Mumbai, and it was good to discuss these topics in detail once again.’

Sub-edited by Sharanya Khosla