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“Education is now not a process of learning” : Romila Thapar1 min read

January 25, 2015 2 min read


“Education is now not a process of learning” : Romila Thapar1 min read

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Manipal: Renowned Indian historian Professor Romila Thapar delivered a talk on the relevance of history at the Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities (MCPH) on January 22, which was presided over by Pro Vice Chancellor of Manipal University, Dr H Vinod Bhat.

Taking initial questions from Dr Sundar Sarukkai, the Director of MCPH, she explained the crucial importance of history in human life and how the study of history itself had undergone change. On being quizzed about why history was studied, she said that history helped quench the never ending thirst of intellectual curiosity, by knowing a little bit about our past.

Later, she spoke about proving reliability through continuous cross checking of evidence, which is usually followed by analysis from different perspectives. The Professor also expressed her regret on how history does not take into consideration factors like environment, ecology, geography etc.

Answering a question from Nikhil Govind, faculty of MCPH, Professor Thapar explained how faith was often confused with history. She stressed on how religion did not remain static, and how religious texts and religions have different origins.

“Education is now not a process of learning. It has become a process of getting more marks,” she said while commenting on how the education system in the current society focuses on mindless consumption of facts without trying to analyse or understand concepts. This was followed by an interactive session where the audience posed questions to Miss Thapar directly.

Candalice, a Malaysian exchange student said, “Her understanding of the history behind the history of India is very interesting. It makes me want to try and read her books”.

Sub-edited by Sharanya Khosla