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Aaina strikes a different chord with ‘Evam Indrajit’1 min read

February 10, 2015 < 1 min read

Aaina strikes a different chord with ‘Evam Indrajit’1 min read

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Manipal: Bringing something new to the table, Aaina the official dramatics club of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) used a live band ‘Amala Pagla Deewana’ and even performed certain scenes offstage with their experimental play ‘Evam Indrajit’ on February 8.

The play was directed by Shiv Pratap Singh and Aritra Shome. Singh said he was very happy with the audience response, “It is a dream come true. With the play being experimental and so different, I just hope the audience got the message. Judging by the silence towards the end, I think they did.”

However, while some found the play to be relatable as it depicted daily life and its routines, a few were left feeling that the play was not easy to mentally digest.

Raghav Agarwal, a first year student from MIT, felt Evam Indrajit was too philosophical for him. ”The play was a bit difficult to understand in terms of story line but it did involve the audience really well.”

Nishit Kunal, a third year School of Communication (SOC) student said, “It was different with a live band and mime artists. But it may or may not have gone well with the audience.”

Sub-edited by Nadia Lewis