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Businesses fall prey to new rules in town2 min read

February 15, 2015 2 min read


Businesses fall prey to new rules in town2 min read

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Manipal: With a strict new police force in Manipal, the consequences have been faced not just by the students, but also by businesses in and around the town.

Restaurants and bars, with CL9 licences which allow them to serve bottled beers and hard liquor, have been given strict orders to wind up business by 11:30 pm to prevent students from roaming around the streets late at night. They have also been told to stop playing music in their premises in order to avert harmful incidents due to alcohol and drugs.

The new rules have affected customers who work late at the press and other offices as no food joints will be available at midnight at the dial of a button.  Hot and Spicy at End Point road, known for its burgers and tandoori items, offered home deliveries up to 3 in the morning.  Abiding by the new instructions, calls from customers aren’t received after 11 pm and the place is shut at the curfew time because of heavy police patrolling that takes place at night.

Rajesh Nayak, owner of the informally named ‘press cart’ next to press building, faced loss in business in 2011 when cigarettes were banned from being sold near campuses. “Four years ago, we stopped selling cigarettes as per the police orders. Other shops didn’t follow it. Today, with the new rules, we wind up by 11.30pm. The business may be dull but we don’t want any tension.”

Mr. Sunil Shetty, the owner of Cocks and Mocks Bar and Restaurant, however was unhappy with the new rules. He has suffered tremendous losses in the past two weeks with his business coming down from Rs. 20,000 a day to Rs. 2000. Speaking to The Manipal Journal (TMJ), he said, “We contribute heavily to the Government’s revenue and renew our licences yearly. Yet we are wrongly blamed of selling harmful substances to students. We have our rules and restrictions which we abide by. Why should our business get affected for the student deaths and other incidents happening in apartments? ”

Apart from restaurants and bars, another place under scrutiny is Inox Central Cinemas which attracts a large number of students, with the last show time being 10 pm. Students and all other movie goers have been asked to keep tickets safely as proof to be shown if questioned by the police.

Mr. Harish Rao, the Duty Manager at Inox, however claims that the new rules will not affect any business and rather depends on which movie is playing.

A meeting for all the restaurant and bar owners with the Superintendent of Police K. Annamalai is scheduled to happen in the coming week at the District Office, Udupi. Owners will put forward their issues to the SP hoping for a revival in their businesses.

Sub-edited by Nadia Lewis