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Revels beefs up security this year1 min read

March 11, 2015 < 1 min read

Revels beefs up security this year1 min read

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Manipal: ‘Revels’, the annual cultural fest of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) was inaugurated on March 10, at the MIT library auditorium. Over the next four days, it will feature a variety of events amidst tight security.

Delegates and students have been subjected to perfect order, owing to the professional grade workings of the vigilance team. “We have to ensure that there are no disturbances to the event, and the participants get crowd support, not distractions,” said Reeshabh Karan, a member of the vigilance team, as the team doubled the barricades in preparation for the event.

‘Volatus – talent’s unbridled flight’ is the theme for this year. The first two days of the fest featured several events, ranging from Eastern Vocals and Group Dance, to face painting and instrumental solos. There was participation not just from constituent Manipal University colleges, but from other colleges as well. “Revels is one of the best fests I have been to, and it is nice to watch and perform here as well. The Manipal students have been very welcoming,” said Ramita Singh, a delegate from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT).

This year, Revels has supported a social cause by collaborating with NGOs

Men Against Rape and Discrimination (MARD), and Students Against Her Ignominy and Libel (SAHIL) to spread social awareness about the importance of women rights gender equality.

Edited by Sharanya Khosla