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Namma Angadi 2015 breaks sales records again1 min read

March 17, 2015 2 min read


Namma Angadi 2015 breaks sales records again1 min read

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Manipal: Getting bigger and better every year, Namma Angadi 2015 broke last year’s sales record of 10 lakh and pulled in about 14.08 lakh this year, which will go towards the Concern for Working Children (CWC).

Shivananda Shetty, Assistant Director of the NGO, Namma Bhoomi,Kundapura addressed the inaugural gathering saying,“CWC established Namma Bhoomi to provide vocational training to local working children, empower them as well as to support rural artisans and their families and prevent their migration to cities in search of jobs. Namma Angadi is one such outlet for rural artisans to help them sell their products.”

The three day annual event was organised by the Master’s students of School of Communication (SOC) from March 13-15 and was built around the theme ‘Shop Local’. The exhibition-cum-sale featured a variety of handicrafts like ethnic garments, backpacks, table runners, terracotta jewellery , homemade products, confectioneries and furnitures. “Creating a niche in a globalised world, Namma Angadi successfully brings a festival juggled by rural artisans and celebrated by all. This is the twelfth edition and as I have heard from my seniors so far, it’s getting better and better each time,” said Raunak Bose, a first year SOC student.

This year, the organisers went the extra mile and organised pre events with display booths of the merchandise at prominent locations across the university campus prior to the event. A drawing competition for the children of Namma Bhoomi was also organised on March 10 followed by a promotional bike rally on the same day. Meghana Manjunath, one of the organisers said, “Although the event has been organised as a part of our yearly curriculum, we conduct it to exhibit a rural experience. We make sure every purchase has a purpose.”

Edited by Sharanya Khosla