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Landslide on INOX Access Road1 min read

July 20, 2015 2 min read

Landslide on INOX Access Road1 min read

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Part of the road that flown away in the lanslide||Picture Courtesy:Dhruv KhannaManipal: Heavy rains and soil erosion has triggered a landslide, causing a land cave on the access road to INOX cinemas in the student town of Manipal on Sunday, the 19th of July.

Durgadas, a watchman in the nearby complex said, “It was around 12 in the noon when I saw water spurt out from that part of the pavement. Later, that region fell down but fortunately, there were no injuries”.

The landslide was a gradual one and occurred across a time span of two to three hours. It was triggered due to a blockage in the water pipeline below the theatre complex. The pressure exerted by the blockage led to a leakage in the pipe which, along with the run-off rain water, resulted in soil erosion.

“We have called off all the shows in order to ensure the safety of the spectators”, said the manager of the 16 month-old theatre. “All pre-booked tickets shall be refunded and the box office has been kept open only for the refund process. We are not sure of when the shows would be resuming because the safety of the visitors shall remain most important for us’, he added.

“Safety for the entire building cannot be guaranteed. Unlike the nearby building, this theatre has been built on a region which was elevated by filling huge amounts of soil. Money must have played a role behind the construction of this building”, stated a resident from Udupi who had come to see the landslide.

According to the workers involved with repairing the pipeline, it will take a couple of days to bring things back to the normal state.

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  1. Rahul

    When will the shows resume? Been waiting for over a month and till now, there is no news. Pls update

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