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Lindau Noble Laureate in Manipal2 min read

August 24, 2015 2 min read


Lindau Noble Laureate in Manipal2 min read

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Manipal: The first inter-disciplinary convention in Manipal, the Indo German Convention of Lindau Alumni (IGCLA), conducted in the TMA Pai Halls from August 21 to 23.

The whole convention was based on the Nobel Laureate Meeting conducted in Lindau, Germany, where the organisers broke the barriers of formal and informal discussions between the speakers and the delegates.

Inclusive of a Q&A session, the speakers were given 30 minutes to talk to the delegates. The range of topics spun from Space Medicine to basic Chemistry to Nanotechnology etc. Not only did they focus on theoretical subjects but they also covered the basic necessities for students during the pre-conferences such as how to file a resume and how the life of a student is in another country.

“The most interesting aspect of the convention was the science breakfast. We were given the opportunity to sit and talk to the speakers over breakfast in a very informal setting. It was a very unique addition to the convention,” said a second year student of Manipal College of Dental Sciences (MCODS).

“While registering for this convention, I didn’t think it would be as grand as it was considering that this was a first time event. Not only were the talks interesting, but the speakers were very engaging and completely forthcoming to our queries,” said Neha Jain, 2nd year, Kasturba Medical College (KMC).

Anuroopa Gupta, speaker at the convention and Lindau Alumni, said, “The reception that we got from the delegates was very good. They were very enthusiastic about the talks and even during our informal gatherings they were very open to these new ideas. I would also like to congratulate the organizing committee for pulling off the event and also maintaining the same feel and atmosphere of the Nobel Laureate.”

“We were very surprised by the turn out. We got more than 350 students to register for the convention and we have mostly received positive feedback. We hope to make this an annual event,” said Tanya Sinha, Head of Public Relations, IGCLA 2015.

Edited by Kavana Desai