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CNN-IBN’s Political Editor’s take on journalism1 min read

August 25, 2015 < 1 min read


CNN-IBN’s Political Editor’s take on journalism1 min read

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Manipal: Sumit Pande, the Political Editor of CNN-IBN delivered a guest lecture on August 22 at School of Communication (SOC) where he focused on journalists and their information sources.

He started the lecture by talking about the freedom of press in India and its ambiguity in the constitution. He compared the American constitution, and stated points from the Article 19 of our Constitution, on freedom of expression and censorship. Pande also brushed through topics like protection of sources in India and, co-option of journalists in America. He said, “Stories provided within a source of establishment leads to a basis of trust.”

He then put forth the disposition and subjectivity that is creeping in political journalism and that how important one’s source of news is. Pande also mentioned that if the source is not reliable, it is the journalist’s credibility which is at stake. “My task is to report on the basis of facts and not reason” he added.

A few questions were asked by the crowd on the secrecy and existence of sources and about sensationalizing the issue at hand. There were queries on Witness Protection Programme and its need in India. “A journalist does things in the public domain, thus one is able to report without fear in our nation,” he replied when asked about why journalists or any citizen in that case do not need such programmes.

Ragini Arora, 2nd year Welcome Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA), commented on the lecture saying, “Sumit Pande brought forth many valid points that opened our eyes and made us pay attention to detail. It was a great learning experience for future journalists.”

 Edited by Gargi Kerkar