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Clean the Manipal Lake!1 min read

September 1, 2015 < 1 min read

Clean the Manipal Lake!1 min read

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Manipal: Volunteer Services Organisation (VSO) of Manipal University held its weekly ‘Clean Manipal Lake’ drive on August 30.

The lake cleaning was initiated last semester by Dr Vidya Pratap, an associate professor at T.A Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) when she learnt that the local government planned to convert the lake into a tourist area in order to generate revenue.

The meeting began with the assembling of the members at the entrance of the lake, after which garbage bags and plastic gloves were distributed. The students along with Dr Pratap broke into two groups and headed to different parts of the lake’s shore to begin the cleaning process.

The cleaning has been noticed by many of the locals, adults and children alike. “I have seen many people cleaning this area and I sometimes help them”, said Sumit Das, an 11 year old who lives in the area and was part of this activity. This is in accordance with plans made by Dr Pratap and her team, who hope to expand the initiative by including the placing of garbage cans along the pathways and allowing members of the general public to participate.

Dr Pratap also felt that the cleaning process was received warmly by the locals who frequent the area. She added that while they do not directly communicate with her, their appreciation is felt when they nod or smile at the team while they clean the lake and its surroundings.

“The area is absolutely cleaner than before. The place has developed a lot and the local committee keeps an eye on the maintenance of the surroundings.” said Priya Tyagi, the organiser of the cleanup.

Edited by Antara Krishnamurthy