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Food festival sells out in record time2 min read

September 22, 2015 2 min read


Food festival sells out in record time2 min read

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Manipal: Welcomgroup Academy of Culinary Arts (WACA) organized their first food festival for the year on September 19 in their campus. According to Athira Sethumadhavan, President of WACA Student Council, the food festival saw the fastest sales of tickets for any food festival so far with the tickets selling out in two days.

“The marketing strategy we used this time was to ask the customers to pick any two dishes from our 6 course meal menu for which they would have to pay more than Rs.650 in any fine dining restaurant”, said Athira. The strategy helped boost the tickets to 103 tickets compared to the previous time when only 66 were sold. The food festival was also held in the middle of the month specifically targeting students studying in Manipal unlike the unlike the food festival held in the previous semester, when the target audience were adults. In total, 93 of the 103 tickets sold were bought by students studying in Manipal.

The food festival was themed “Roxanna’s Table” drawing influence from Alexander The Great’s wife, Roxanna. The cuisine was carefully picked based on the countries Alexander travelled to. The menu included Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Greek and Italian dishes.

Roxanna’s Table was an initiation for the first year students into the departments of housekeeping, kitchen, service, marketing and kitchen stewarding. “This is my first ever time at a food festival and I am helping in the organizing part of it, it is completely new to me and during this process I have learnt so much with regard to the food industry”, said Shreya Sriram a first year WACA student.

A food trial was conducted a day prior to the event to ensure the recipe, efficiency and work coordination between the team members. A large amount of creativity also went into making the dishes aesthetically appealing however some students who attended the food festival thought there was scope for improvement. “The quantity was perfect, the chicken was well cooked and I loved it, the dessert was also amazing, but more improvement could be done with regard to presentation of the food”, said Shreya Manocha, a third year from Manipal College of Dental Sciences (MCODS).

Edited by Antara Krishnamurthy