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Helmets compulsory for students from October 12 min read

September 23, 2015 2 min read


Helmets compulsory for students from October 12 min read

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Udupi/Manipal: Two wheelers form a big proportion of vehicles in Manipal and its adjoining cities. The rate at which the accidents have occurred has also staggered in the recent past. In order to curb the frequenting accidents, Udupi Police have enforced the wearing of helmets as compulsory for all students studying in institutions of Manipal and Udupi from October 1.

District Chief Inspector Girish Kumar commented, “It is high time for the students to take preventive measures and avoid rash driving in the town.” He further added that it is being circulated across all universities and its sub-departments, to make students aware of the alarming issue.

A letter has been forwarded to the Director of T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) regarding the same, and will soon be reaching out to the Head of Departments of all faculties in the university.

“Although, I wouldn’t prefer wearing a helmet considering its bulkiness, it is an integral part of driving. Hence, I highly recommend it to both students and the locals to accept and oblige the rule”, said Priyam Krishnamurthy, a student from Department of Commerce (DOC) at Manipal University, and a bike enthusiast.

However, the implementation of this rule is rested in the hands of District Superintendent of Police K Annamalai, who addressed the issue at an awareness programme held for students at Milagres Church tri-centenary auditorium on September 3. The talk included road traffic laws and prevention of crimes.

All Metropolitan cities have made it compulsory to wear helmets.Stringent measures are taken against the offenders which include impounding vehicles till the violators produce an ISI certified helmet with the receipt or even cancelling their driving licence. Similarly, tier 1 and tier 2 cities are following the norm to enhance the safety of both the riders, and the pillion riders.

When asked about how it feels to surveil a university town where the mass constitutes a young age group, DCI Kumar said, “Majority of the students here are sincere and abide by the laws. They shouldn’t wear helmets out of fear of the traffic cop or the RTO inspector. They should wear it for their own safety.”

Edited by Gargi Kerkar