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Limited crowd for Aditi Mittal show2 min read

September 28, 2015 2 min read

Limited crowd for Aditi Mittal show2 min read

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Manipal: The Manipal University Cultural Coordination Committee organised a stand-up comedy show by renowned stand-up comedian and columnist Aditi Mittal on September 25 at Dr. TMA Pai Hall.

Though she left the crowd reeling with laughter, most of the students who were unable to attend the show were left disappointed with the low key publicity as they were unaware that a show by a major stand-up comedian such as Aditi Mittal is going to be held.

Dale Pereira, a first year BBA student and an active follower of Aditi Mittal on YouTube and Twitter, was left disillusioned at the end, when she learnt that each institute received minimal passes. “I was really excited for this show as it happened to be on my 18th birthday. I contacted the cultural coordinator of the Department of Commerce but was informed that the department never received any passes because all of them were given out.” She said.

“Publicity should have been done on a much greater scale and efforts should have been made to make students aware about its happening. Most of us were oblivious and found out only one day prior to the show. We are eagerly looking forward for more artists to perform in Manipal,” she added.

The show however was a delightful watch. As soon as she walked into the stage, she had the audience in splits and maintained it throughout the show as she poked fun at Bollywood, Indian advertisements and delivered punchlines in Hindi.

“I absolutely enjoyed the show. I really liked the fact that she was so open about mocking at subjects that people may not speak openly about or easily get offended. However, I do believe that more marketing should have taken place for this show as it would have really been enjoyed by a lot of people, “said Athish Shetty, a second year KMC student.

Aditi Mittal is currently on tour with her show “Things they wouldn’t let me say”, which was first performed by her in July 2013. Usually these type of events, which attract a large audience are held at KMC Greens at Manipal. However, space constraints made it difficult to accommodate more than 400 people.

“When there is a lone performer, there is always optimum audience strength. We wanted to maintain that and hence it was decided to conduct the show at Dr. TMA Pai Hall instead of keeping it in an open space,” said Sambhit Dash, the organizer of the show.

The show was organized with the help of 8 volunteers from different colleges, who helped in designing posters, distributing passes to the colleges, taking care of the sound and lights and also making proper arrangements at the hall.

Aditi Mittal was unavailable for comment.

Edited by Sakhi Todi