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New wave of tourism2 min read

October 1, 2015 2 min read


New wave of tourism2 min read

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Malpe: The Shaka Surf Club showcased a surfing demo here at Malpe Beach on Sunday evening to promote tourism in a sustainable manner by joining hands with the Association of Coastal Tourism (ACT) on the occasion of World Tourism Day. Surfers took to the sea to demonstrate surfing in a bid to promote community friendly tourism in the district.

The initiative is headed by Ishita Malaviya and Tushar Pathiyan – founders of The Shaka Surf Club. Ishita is an alumnus of School of Communication in Manipal and is also the first professional woman surfer from India. Tourism, which doesn’t confine to five star hotels but that which takes up community building projects is the key motive of the initiative headed by Ishita  Malaviya and Tushar Pathiyan, the founders of the Shaka surf club.

In 2007,the club was at Kodi Bengre village near Udupi with 2 kids but presently it constitutes of 15 members. The Shaka Surf Club also teaches surfing to local children and youth in Kodibengre village free of cost. Over the years the club has laid down a firm relationship with the neighbouring areas of Kodi Bengre by empowering the art of surfing to the kids and adults of the village. “Mothers and grandmothers cook food in the camp side while their kids surf”, said Ishita while going on to reveal that a 65 year old grand mother surfed in their village.

To encourage children into the water a local surf life saving programme called NIPPERS based on Australian model of life saving has been started by the club. They also run a local school in Kodi Bengre with 40 kids by empowering the students from the basics to water rescue programmes.

The club members regret the lack of people signing up for surfing from Manipal. They alluded it to misconceptions spread by the localities. Hence, promoting surfing among the college students is the hardest challenge faced by the Shaka surfers.  To overcome the challenge the clubbers are creating awareness about water safety, empowering  people to be in the water, to be safe and  equipped enough to rescue someone in case of emergency. The Shaka school also educates the surfers about the currents and how to survive in such situations. When people spent more time in the water they naturally develop respect for it and hence they keep the ocean clean, the beach clean and develop a sense of beach culture which is the dream of the Shaka.

Edited by Prajwal Bhat