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Rains interrupt Tech Tatva Day 11 min read

October 8, 2015 < 1 min read


Rains interrupt Tech Tatva Day 11 min read

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Manipal: Tech-Tatva, the four-day annual technical festival of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) experienced incessant rains on its first day, on October 7. With the theme, ‘Frugal Innovation- Do more with less’, the event aimed to attract Techno-enthusiasts from many colleges.

With a variety of events being held, ‘Fuel RC 4.O’ and ‘Robowar’, were the main attractions of the day. However, the rains almost disappointed the participants until they came to know, that the organisers had organised alternatives for situations as such. The rains made them shift the outdoor activities inside or postpone them waiting for the rains to stop.

A lot of heads were seen hung in disappointment because of not being able to make up to their events, and they blamed poor organising at the delegate card distribution desk. “Had the delegate card distribution been organised and neat, I would have been able to take part in an event I badly wanted to be in,” said Anshul Mankani a first year MIT year student.

The theme for the event was called ‘Jugaad’, in Hindi. Sampras Ganeshan, a third year MIT student said, “In today’s world when the resources are less and talent is more, we must know how to manage and get results. For a country like India, ‘Jugaad’ is very important”.

With the presence of numerous food stalls at the event, the sales in MIT cafeteria and other shops in the campus dropped as compared to other days. Shrekant, the proprietor in MIT cafeteria said, “As compared to the other days our sales have dropped but we do not mind it as long as the participants are happy.”

Edited by Gargi Kerkar