Participants trickle down as fest nears close2 min read

October 10, 2015 2 min read

Participants trickle down as fest nears close2 min read

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Manipal: Manipal Institute of Technology’s (MIT) technical fest TechTatva’15 concluded its third day of activities, bringing the fest to an end with the much awaited Manipal Conclave set to begin. The third day of the fest was comparatively less chaotic than the first two days which saw a huge number of participants and lots of confusion.

The day afforded the organisers breathing space as the participants got familiar with the proceedings. However, it was no less hectic for team Alacrity, in particular, who were kept busy as they held three events – Foxhunt, Metal Trace and No Strings Attached. Round two of Metal Trace saw the participants get hooked to a game of Snakes N’ Ladders with the addition of metal detection. Meanwhile, viewer discretion was advised in the Robowars 2.0 event as the crowd lined up to watch robots take on each other in a grindhouse fest. The crowd was asked to stay atleast one meter away from the arena. Srividya Pantula, a first year student from MIT and a volunteer at the RoboWars 2.0 event elaborated on the activities, claiming that the energetic environment was conducive to learning many new and interesting aspects of engineering.

Given that this fest is the first large technical fest in the college, Yash Choukse, a third year IT student and the coordinator for online events, explained that “We see that this, the first major event that is part of college fun, sees a high turnout from the first years and second years. The seniors are more familiar with the territory and tend to create amazing things.” This, he says, is incredibly important in building the engineer’s interest in the subject itself and to encourage the young mind to explore the vast possibilities that come with an avid knowledge and technical skill of the subject.

Edited by Kavana Desai