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Rain fails to deter performances at High Voltage1 min read

October 11, 2015 < 1 min read


Rain fails to deter performances at High Voltage1 min read

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Manipal: High Voltage, Manipal’s first ever rock jam night, was hosted by School of Life Sciences (SOLS) in collaboration with Volunteer Service Organisation (VSO) Manipal despite rain threatening to hamper proceedings on October 6 at the T.M.A Pai Amphitheatre.

With amalgamate efforts,  SOLS and VSO plan on donating all proceeds to Meal for a Smile, a program that feeds the underprivileged. An estimate of 700 tickets were sold for the event, out of which 200 were printed on the same day due to high demand, despite the on-going Manipal drizzles. When asked about the rain, Akshay Neeli, one of the organizers from SOLS expressed that he had his fingers crossed. The organisers were prepared for the rain with a tin roof added over the stage to safe guard the equipment. The roof ensured that the drizzles did not affect the performances although it didn’t manage to convince the audience to stay for long, as a sizable part of the crowd headed out once the showers set in.

High Voltage provided a stage for 16 bands, out of which three bands were headliners: Cloudburst, Scintillations, and The Undecided.

“The sound quality was good but I was slightly disappointed by the headcount in the audience when we played. Most people left, I blame it solely on the rain factor”, said Atul Chaudary, a fourth year student from Manipal Institute of Technology, also a member of The Undecided.

Apart from student bands in Manipal, High Voltage also featured Passionfruit, a project that inspires worldwide artist collaborations.

Edited by Antara Krishnamurthy

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  1. Akshay Neeli

    The sound was managed despite various technical difficulties, rain etc. Also, the gear belonged to the University and we made sure it was the best of the best. There's no fest in Manipal that has better sound. About the article, the reporters fail to see the whole idea behind the fest. High Voltage is a pretty damn big deal to anyone who dreams of playing a little bit of music during their stay here in Manipal. For us folks who don't get to be a part of MIT's occasional Jam On etc. (since we are in different colleges and thus, always have exams during MIT's events), high voltage is a dream come true. Students have been trying to have a band based music festival since time immemorial and it's finally happened, and that, in Manipal University history, is pretty groundbreaking. The students of the University finally have a frequently occurring event where they get to play their beloved music. About the few technical difficulties, we promise they shall be taken care of the next time, and the next one is scheduled to be at the time of the semester when no rain is expected. Hopefully Manipal's music scene will live on.

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