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Plight of adopted pets in Manipal1 min read

October 16, 2015 < 1 min read


Plight of adopted pets in Manipal1 min read

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You’re walking on the road and you come across a cute little injured puppy. You pity the little thing, take it home, nurse it back to health, care for it and make it your pet. But, what happens after that? What happens once you graduate out of Manipal? What becomes of the pet eventually?

TMJ is back with a heart wrenching tale of ownership and abandonment.

Music courtesy: Funny instrumental music / comedy music by Blanket Barricade
Appearances by: Arunima Suresh, Lavanya Narayanan and Sakhi Todi
A TMJ initiative by Ansh Sethi, Shivangi Narain and Shalini Raman.