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Dramanon discusses rape through ‘Lights Out’1 min read

October 19, 2015 < 1 min read


Dramanon discusses rape through ‘Lights Out’1 min read

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Manipal: Dramanon staged a real life rape incident that had taken place in Mumbai, into a one-hour play at The Syndicate Golden Jubilee Hall on October 18. The play ‘Lights Out’ wanted to empower the word ‘rape’, but in the end the execution of that theme may have fallen short.

“One of the reasons for choosing rape as the theme was that nothing relevant has happened after the Manipal gang rape,” explained Ashvath Singh Kunadi, director of the play. He also believed that the verdict of the case had an impact on the audience because the hall was full.

Though the play pulled in a heavy crowd, there were two sections of audience: the first section consisted of people who were deeply touched by some parts of the play, whereas the other section of people was laughing at the same.

“I didn’t expect a lot from the audience. I didn’t expect them to be serious throughout, therefore the first two scenes were just a buildup. But once the screaming started, I expected the audience to understand that it is a gang rape in action and react to it,” said Singh.

Though ‘Lights Out’ tried to bring out the grim reality of rape, the drive of the story lacked because the audience lost interest through the course of the play. “The execution was a little shabby in terms of language clarity, diction and the portrayal of the story. Yet, it has succeeded in putting across the message to an extent,” said Apoorva, first year, Manipal Institute of Technology. She also commented that some parts dragged on a little bit.

Edited by Keshav Padmanabhan