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MUTBI: Wings for young entrepreneurs3 min read

October 19, 2015 3 min read


MUTBI: Wings for young entrepreneurs3 min read

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Companies funded by MUTBI || Picture Courtesy: Anirudh MukherjeeThe former CEO of Apple once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.’’

We know that an opportunity knocks the door only once. Nobody is born lucky, but each one makes their own destiny by doing something unique, creative and passionate. MUTBI works to understand goals, and should be approached by the students of Manipal.

The Manipal University Technology Business Incubator(MUTBI) which has its office situated in the innovation Centre near the MIT block, helps in creating human resources into successful entrepreneurs by providing initial capital, office spaces and other fundamental facilities to the incubates at the pre-incubation level.

As a final year student in the year 2011, Priyadeep Sinha founded the GyanLabs. Starting out as hardware based hands-on learning labs for school kids in early 2011, GyanLabs aims to works with over 25 school and 10,000 students in the next three years. With only 20 members in the beginning, they had to shut down the company in 2014 due to reasons like limited growth and lack of funding for such a product. Not giving up on his goal, Sinha launched in late 2013 and Gyanlab in March 2015. Kidovators is an innovation level challenge for students of age 7-15, aimed at improving their leadership skills and aptitude for innovation and intuitiveness.

Kidovators has successfully reached its 3rd edition and has impacted lives of over 50,000 students across these editions. Sinha is striving hard to take his innovation to 100,000 students in the next 3-4 years. being the second product is a curated lessons marketplace that connects students with teachers for a variety of topics. Priyadeep Sinha launched the beta of this platform in June. This product takes a quick pace by acquiring more than 40,000 users per month. “Our aim is to make the go to platform for anybody who aspires to learn something new,” said Sinha. He is also expecting the platform to cater to over a million people in the course of 2-3 years and he is also positive about having 50000 tutors and instructs on the platform to make is dream come true.

Firexit Software is another success story of MUTBI that has its office in the neighboring block of MIT. MUTBI helped by providing infrastructural facilities and office space, in fact created 1.3 million downloads for the founder, Vatsal Ambastha’s  in about two years’ time. Ambastha who is also an alumnus of MIT said, “Firexitis the gained developers for mobile and their client base is spread out far and wide both in Europe and India.” In July they launched India’s first virtual reality public product which has a place in the Google store and Ambastha believes that he is in the process of taking up more people in his team.

With the expansion of the human resources, he is also planning to expand his business by launching a new product, which is software for other developers. He is also focusing on marketing his product abroad, especially in Brazil where he has a strong client base. Apart from Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines which form the main countries of the south-east Asia are primarily focused to market the new product. Ambastha is taking his product abroad only after serving his country.

With opportunities like these arriving for new entrepreneurs, MUTBI is working towards recognizing goals, and offering business prospective.

Edited by Gargi Kerkar