Goonj to be annual project after success of 20153 min read

October 26, 2015 2 min read


Goonj to be annual project after success of 20153 min read

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The tracks and compositions of Goonj, Manipal University’s first album, released by Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Manipal, has received great appreciation since its launch on the September 26.

The album consists of eight tracks with a major focus on a classical fusion genre with recreations of six Hindi songs and one English track. The instrumental track in this album is an original composition by the artists. “I’ve seen all of them shuffle and juggle to get time off their schedule to make things work and get time for practice,” said Dr. P. Chinmayee, an intern at KMC, offering a third party perspective to the work that went behind creating Goonj.

The album is the brainchild of the Cultural Secretary, Rohit Harchandani, a third year student at KMC. “Creativity is being bound by certain rules and it was my dream to create a platform for removing these constraints. When I saw how talented the first years were, I knew that this was my chance,” Rohit revealed. There were many doubts that arose in the very beginning. “When he (Rohit) first proposed the idea, it seemed pretty far fetched due to all the possible problems relating to attendance and our tight academic schedule. But then finally, this year, it was his tenure as a secretary and he managed to get it all done. In fact I would say, without him and his efforts, Goonj would not exist,” said Indu Mary Thomas, a third year student at KMC and a member of the Cultural Committee.

The staff at the recording studio at the School of Communication, Manipal, heaped praise on the team working for Goonj. “The team was really well prepared and thoroughly rehearsed. Rohit was actually behind us for scheduling the recording timings and making things work,” said Peter D’souza. Mohandas Pai, another member of the staff at the recording studio, also had only positive reviews, “They were given two hours after 5pm every day. We were very skeptical whether the recording would get over but Rohit always made sure it was. But I would say that this was very well planned and scheduled by the team.”

It definitely wasn’t easy work to follow the plan thoroughly. “Professionalism and discipline has to be inculcated. We made sure that everything was ready. I am really proud of myself for pulling through with Goonj. If I had the cultural talent, it would not have been possible for me to come up with something like Goonj and make it a success. In that case I would have the stage and I would be performing. It would be about me, so it would not be a success,” commented Rohit.

The artists also had a good experience during this venture. Govind Srinivas, a first year student and one of the artists in Goonj, exclaimed, “I have had many stage performances but not a professional studio recording. The song I sang is a Hindustani song and I am trained in carnatic, so that was a little difficult for me. But everyone on the team was very cooperative and very helpful, so I’m really happy about it.”

The Goonj team uploaded the videos to all their tracks on YouTube under their own channel ‘Goonj 2015’. However, this venture does not end here. “There will definitely be a Goonj 2016. Goonj is simply a platform for artists to express their talent without being bound by rules. This is definitely going to be an annual project, and I wish the next committee the very best in their endeavor,” said Rohit.

Edited by Kavana Desai