Changes galore as Manipal gears up for 21st convocation2 min read

November 16, 2015 2 min read


Changes galore as Manipal gears up for 21st convocation2 min read

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Manipal: Manipal University (MU) has made changes to the format of convocation for all Undergraduate (UG), Post-Graduate (PG) and PhD students of the university by introducing an online portal for the first time.

The two-day affair is now stretched to three days with graduation ceremonies being held on 21, 25 and 28 November 2015. Every year, registrations for the convocation were taken through an offline form, which could be downloaded by the students. To avoid this, an online portal for registrations was developed by the IT department of MU. The online portal, started on 21 August, helps the students check their application status, change their convocation date, make online payment for the extra people accompanying them and check webcasts and high resolution photos of the ceremony.

“This change was primarily made for two reasons. Firstly, to have a mixture of students, from all colleges under MU, graduating on all three days, in a true university sense. Secondly, an increase in the intake of first years in Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) and other colleges in MU, has led to a rise in the number of students graduating every year. So, to avoid the inconvenience caused by the lack of proper travel and accommodation in Manipal for around 3,000 students and their parents, this plan was brought in”, said M. Sathish Kamath, Assistant Director, IT department, MU.

However the new system was met with mixed opinions, with parents appreciating it for the convenience in travelling and accommodation and, students seeing it as ‘not a very favourable step’ for them. Somil, a 2014 MIT graduate stated, “It is an exhilarating moment when you know that college is over, and you are graduating with your batch mates who have been there for you and with you for a very long time. Admission with unknown people is acceptable, but, graduation is a doubt!”.

When questioned about the response, Sathish Kamath explained, “Being a system based on a first-come-first-served basis, the registrations for the first day had filled up within 24 hours of the launch of the portal, and people have started to register for the second and third days”. The problems were rectified when an option allowing students to change the date of graduation was added.

In the year 2013, PhD and PG students from all the colleges graduated at KMC Greens, on the first day, followed by a ceremony for all the UG students on the second day. This was changed last year to the first day having students from all colleges except MIT, and the second day with students only from MIT. This year, it will be happening on three days, with students from different colleges.

“With the advancement of technology, and 4G coming into the picture, we’re in the process of developing a mobile application for the registration process. It might be ready by next year,” added Sathish, talking about their plans for the future.

Edited by Prajwal Bhat