Photography competition at Tarang ‘162 min read

February 17, 2016 2 min read

Photography competition at Tarang ‘162 min read

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Manipal: This year’s Tarang was the first one to organise a photography competition. Volunteer Service Organisation (VSO) organised its fourth consecutive annual kite flying festival, Tarang at End Point on February 7. This year the event witnessed more crowd than it ever has this.

“In the past 3 years, Tarang has had over 1500 people participating in flying kites for a charitable cause. This year alone sold more than 1300 tickets”, said Chetan Swarup, a second year engineering student at Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) It was an occasion where people from various age groups came together to fly kites for a noble cause.

The money raised at the event would be given to the ‘Neonatal Poor Patients’ Fund’ at the Kasturba Medical College (KMC). This particular fund raises money for providing incubators to new born babies who cannot afford it. “The joy of flying kites just trebled when I came to know it was for charity”, said Dev Sharma, a local resident who came to the event with his family.

Children from Sri Krishna Balaniketan, an orphanage at Udupi which is frequently visited by the VSO volunteers were brought to the event. “I have never flown a kite before but I’m extremely excited to fly my favourite blue coloured kite”, said seven year old Rajat.

Tarang 2016 recognised various social groups of Manipal who set up stalls to display their work. The Rural India Project (TRIP) and Red X were a popular few among the lot. Apart from kite flying, there were food, refreshments and a special stall that sold paper quilled earrings.

“It is a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy knowing it is for a good cause”, said Chief guest, Annamalai K, Superintendent of Police, Udupi.

Tarang also publicised, Sparsh, the main biennial event of VSO which starts on March 13.

Edited by Sakhi Todi

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  1. Akshay Nair

    Suggested correction: The kids in the picture on the article are not from Sri Krishna Balniketan. They are kids from a nearby slum, commonly known as Bijapur slum, near end point.

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