Adult humour takes the cake at ‘Comikaze 6’2 min read

March 3, 2016 2 min read

Adult humour takes the cake at ‘Comikaze 6’2 min read

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Manipal: The usage of adult humour was a hit among the Manipal crowd at Comikaze 6, a short play theatre festival, performed by the Dramanon fraternities of Manipal, Bangalore and Hyderabad on February 27 at the Syndicate Golden Jubilee Hall.

“We knew the audience would mainly comprise of college goers who are adults and wouldn’t take offence to any of the jokes. Our initial intent to inculcate these jokes was to check if the people concentrate more on the content or the comic element of it.” Ashwin Mathew, actor at Dramanon and 4th year student, Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT).

The audience comprised of students and faculty members from all over Manipal University. “Honestly, I am surpised by the way the audience reacted. Good to see people broadening their mind-set about adult humour and taking it in a good spirit.” said Animesh Guha, 1st year student at WelcomGroup School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA).

The heavy cheers from the audience at regular intervals confirmed their thorough enjoyment of the plays. The ambience and setting were widely lauded. “One cannot deny the brilliant direction and acting by the team. But according to me, the picturesque sets in every play certainly stole the show“, said Arunima Ghosh, 1st year student, Faculty of Architecture (FOA).

Comikaze includes various other genres such as romance, satire and suspense along with humour. “The whole idea of bringing in other genres is to make it more entertaining. Comedy alone would be too one dimensional”, said Abhijith Nambiar, Head of Marketing at Dramanon, 3rd year student, MIT. The event witnessed a large turnout and over 500 tickets were sold according to official records.

RK Shenoy, founder of Dramanon and an alumnus of Manipal University has set up chapters in Hyderabad and Bangalore. “Dramanon is ever expanding and it’s a great feeling to see students take up theatre as their mainstream profession”, he said. “Comedy is a tough genre but I am glad our hard work falls into place every year.” He further stated.