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‘Baba Nights’ impresses sold out crowd.2 min read

March 9, 2016 2 min read


‘Baba Nights’ impresses sold out crowd.2 min read

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Manipal: UnTied Laces held their third “Baba Nights” event at Hakuna Matata on March 7. The event was held in support of Women’s Day and was received positively. Despite being restricted entry, tickets were said to be sold out in less than ten hours.

The evening kicked off with a performance by Abhishek Sarin, followed by live-music and poetry slam on women’s body types by Meghna Dharampoori. Animisha Singh’s performance, the sole female comedian for the night, had her male counterparts bowing to her in unison after it. A rather sentimental poetry slam on the topic of ‘settling for less’ by host Manahar Kumar and Farzana Palathingal, had the audience snapping in applause as per rules for the event.

According to Devansh Malik, an organiser, “There was nothing to do with stand-up comedy or slam poetry in Manipal. We had friends who wanted to showcase their talents but did not have the chance for it here. It’s everywhere, but here. We wanted to change that with Baba nights.” Manahar, one of the hosts as well as an organisers, said, “The one thing we incorporated into this event this time was that only women can buy the tickets. It was 1+1 because we were trying to allow the women to decide the audience.”

Parita Thakur, 3rd year student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, MIT, opined, “Baba nights is getting better and better with each event, which is a really good thing. This one was even better than their previous one. Although there were a little bit of sexist jokes, but it was all in pretty good humour.”

Other acts like stand-up comedy by the ‘socially awkward’ Hari Krishna, the ‘need-no-intro’ Jagad “Baymax” Ravimohan, the ‘hailing from dysfunctional childhood’ Sudarshan Sharma, and the ‘disclaimer-issued’ Anirudh Malladi, kept the audience entertained with their sense of humour. Topics up for jest varied from free entries for women to the ever-so-tabooed subject of periods.

Edited by Kavana Desai