Sorabh Pant cracks audience up at Revels2 min read

March 10, 2016 2 min read

Sorabh Pant cracks audience up at Revels2 min read

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Manipal: Day one of the Manipal Institute of Technology’s (MIT) cultural and sporting fest began on a pleasant note as acclaimed comedian Sorabh Pant performed at the Proshow on March 8 and left the audience reeling in laughter.

Sorabh Pant, clearly a crowd favourite, performed for nearly an hour and a half, entertaining the crowd with his unique take on everyday matters. Armed with a list of Manipal’s most famous idiosyncrasies, Pant kept the audience laughing as he light-heartedly mocked everything that the students both love and hate : from DeeTee to Sutta Point, to even the strict girls hostels and the ‘disco’- the disciplinary committee.

Pant kept his performance interactive, involving his audience and encouraging response. He ended his set with a question and answer session, where he accepted enquiries from the audience regarding various aspects of his life and making it big in a very unconventional field. Pant kept his comedy clean and inoffensive – keenly aware of the presence of faculty at the venue. He, however, expressed his incredulity at how well loved the faculty was. Having performed at upwards of twenty five engineering colleges, Pant revelled at the adoration MIT students had for their director, Dr GK Prabhu.

The stage also hosted an unconventional artist Charles Ma, a classical Bharatanatyam dancer and TED speaker. Ma is part Chinese, Nepali and Bengali, who specialised in the traditional South Indian dance form. Excelling in his art, Ma performed for the crowd, pausing halfway through to give a powerful speech about himself, his art, and his struggles.

“Tonight was an excellent start to what will hopefully be a very exciting week, we’re all looking forward to the rest of the events,” recounted Drishti Sengupta, a first year BBA student from the Department of Commerce (DOC).

The evening started with an inauguration ceremony, graced by many distinguished guests, including Dr GK Prabhu (Director, MIT), Dr B H V Pai (Joint Director, MIT), Mrs Vasanthi R Pai (Chairperson, Hostel Management Committee, MU) and Dr H S Ballal (Pro Chancellor, MU). K Annamalai, the Superintendent of Police (Udupi District) was the chief guest of the event, and gave a speech to thunderous applause. Light-hearted and friendly, he, along with Director Dr GK Prabhu spoke to the crowd, encouraging them to actively take part in the cultural experience that is Revels and wished them all to enjoy the activities planned out.

Edited by Keshav Padmanabhan