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MIT student death: Authorities appeal for calm2 min read

March 19, 2016 2 min read


MIT student death: Authorities appeal for calm2 min read

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Manipal: A condolence meeting was held at the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) quadrangle at 3 pm on 18 March in connection with the death of Neham Agrawal, a student of MIT who passed away due to severe burn injuries. A minute’s silence was observed in remembrance.

In light of the incident, police and university authorities appealed to students to remain calm and wait for the official statement to be released by the police. GK Prabhu, Director of MIT said, “It is very sad that the students of the university are spreading futile rumours without getting the facts straight and adding up to the existing hullabaloo. I request and urge everyone to patiently wait for the police’s final verdict”.

S.V. Girish, Police Inspector, Manipal Police Station gave an update on the investigation. “We have no permission from the higher authorities to disclose any information, although, the parents of the deceased have been informed about the whole incident with proper reasons”. The police are still awaiting the post-mortem report. Vikram Palimar, Head of Department of Forensic Medicine, speaking to The Manipal Journal, revealed that the post-mortem is not yet ready. “There is a huge team of staff working on it and it might take some more time”, he added.

Dr. Prabhu condemned the various reports circulated in public about the incident. “The rumour regarding the geyser getting burst was utter nonsense since all hostel blocks are equipped with rooftop heating panels”. Prabhudev G. Mane, Chief Operating Officer, Campus Safety, added to it saying, “The rumors spreading like wildfire in social media are futile and a sham for the university and the near and dear ones of Neham. It should be put to a halt and only the informative part should be conveyed”.

A message was circulated via WhatsApp messenger asking the students to come together for a protest at Kamath Circle, at 7 pm on March 17. The protest however did not take place.

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