Inspirational talks at Manipal-o-pedia2 min read

April 26, 2016 2 min read


Inspirational talks at Manipal-o-pedia2 min read

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Manipal: The Think Tank organized its first official event ‘Manipal-o-Pedia’, a series of talks by alumni of Manipal University, here at the MIT Academic Block 2 Seminar Hall on Monday, April 18.

Abhay Sahni, President of The Think Tank said that, “The main reason behind this is to motivate people innovate something and in turn help them create that rather than just leave them hanging.” He also went on to speak about the theme of this event ‘Unique things to do around Manipal’. “There are so many things to do around Manipal apart from the general things like going to the beach or just drinking at a party. This is the message that we wanted to deliver to our audience which I think we successfully did today”, he added.

Ganesh Nayak, the faculty advisor of the club, was the first speaker of the event. He quit his job and turned to cycling. He spoke about his difficulty to quit smoking in order to ensure good health so that he could cycle. He started small by cycling to places like Agumbe, Kodaichadri and Kudremukh and then, went on to cycle all the way to the Himalayas. “In order to get where you want to go, you have to stick by your commitments”, he said.

The second speaker of the event, Dikshit Sharma, student of MIT, spoke about his photographic journey. The third speakers were the founders of the Shaka Surf club, Ishita and Tushar who connected to the audience by sharing their experiences and the difficulties they faced together before starting this club, since it was something, which was completely new in India. The fourth speaker, Ramit Singal spoke about his walk in the wilderness. He is a birdwatcher and an alumnus of MIT. He said, “You can just find new species in your backyard, this is the essence of life in Manipal.” The last speaker of the event, Rahul Narlanka is a former student of MIT. A civil engineer who is now known as a wildlife photographer spoke about his experiments with photography. He said, “I was always in love with nature but I had never actually seen it.”

The reason behind the event was to help students realize the opportunities they have around them and how they should learn to dream big. Not only did the speakers inspire the audience in their own little way but also sent them back with a long to-do list for their next few years in Manipal.

“After this talk I just think that there is a lot to do and so many more places to explore and they are all right around here,” said Aditi Bhat, student, first year, MIT.

Edited by Keshav Padmanabhan