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What do Britons think of Brexit?2 min read

July 14, 2016 2 min read


What do Britons think of Brexit?2 min read

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Conservative Party’s Theresa May became only the second woman in history to become the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

The incoming Prime Minister Theresa May said “Brexit means Brexit” when she was asked about Britain’s impending exit from the EU even though she was the only major candidate for Conservative leadership to support ‘remain’. Nonetheless, Theresa May is tasked with engineering Britain’s exit from the European Union after Britain voted to ‘leave’ the European Union in a historic referendum last month.

We asked British citizens for their views on the matter. This is what they had to say.

Suchetha Nayak, a British citizen of Indian origin who works for the Revenue and Customs voted Leave.

“Immigration control was my main concern and democracy has to prevail. We don’t want somebody from outside making decisions for us. We did not seem to have any say in many important issues concerning Britain. Also, us non-EU migrants were discriminated against Europeans. These are some of my views.”

Aparna Bhat, a British citizen of Indian origin, who was unable to cast her vote due to prior commitments, wanted the Britain to remain in the EU.

“After listening to all the debates, I would have voted remain because of all the economic impact it is going to have. UK will be divided from the rest of Europe. But my main concern is how it is going to impact the prices of groceries and vegetables.”

Scott Morrison, a Scottish farmer and co-owner of Lochaber Lodges at Fort William, who voted remain is very disappointed with the Brexit.

“Although the EU needed to be reformed, I believe the UK as a country needed to be part of the EU as it is a bigger thing. The peaceful existence of Europe was because the EU was formed after World War II. Majority of the people voted for leave because of the immigrant issues triggered by the “Leave” campaigns. But they did not see further ahead about how we would be without the EU. The people of Scotland had been told by politicians that if Scotland voted to remain in the EU and if the UK as a whole voted to leave, there would be a second referendum for Scotland to leave the UK and become a part of the EU. But I personally wouldn’t want this to happen because Scotland will be a very small nation and we will have to take the Euro currency and follow so many other rules of the EU that we don’t like. If there is a second referendum, I would vote for Scotland to remain in the United Kingdom. Now that it has happened, there is no way out of it and it is going to be a tough job ahead.