Interns hail India’s collective culture at Global Village 20162 min read

August 24, 2016 2 min read

Interns hail India’s collective culture at Global Village 20162 min read

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Manipal: Interns from USA and Egypt hailed India’s collective culture at the fifth annual Global Village organised by AIESEC in Manipal University (MU) at the TMA Pai Hall on August 21.

The event, where AIESEC interns and MU students come together to interact and share their cultural experiences, kicked off with a flash mob. It was followed by a short presentation by AIESEC members.  There were more than 30 students, representing different countries including Oman, China, USA, South Africa and Egypt.


Interns interact at Global Village 2016 || Photo Courtesy: Radhika Chatterjee


International exchange students introduced themselves to the crowd and shared stories of their experiences in Manipal.  Despite hailing from different cultural and ideological backgrounds, most of them had similar views about Manipal. “People here are very friendly. I come from a country that has an individualistic culture. It is very different here. India is a country with a collective culture, and that’s what makes this country really special,” said Mailey Yang from USA.

Meanwhile, Rehan Gupta, from from Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), talked about his experience interning in Kazakhstan as part of AIESEC’s student exchange program.“I had to teach English to kids who barely had any idea about the language. There were a lot of language barriers which even led to few exciting adventures. Overcoming this and interacting with people, was definitely a worthwhile experience,” he said,

Apart from stalls set up by international exchange students and interns, where attendees could get acquainted with their respective culture and learn about their homeland, there were other activities such as a selfie clicking competition, to encourage people to engage with each other. Yashvi Tekriwal, Organizing Committee President for Global Village 2016, expressed relief on overseeing the event go off without a hitch. “Seeing so many people around you from all over the world, and interacting with each other is something worth waiting for,” she said.

A street-play on the theme of social taboos and stereotypical mind-set of Indian society was performed during the event along with a dance performance by Showstoppers and a ramp walk by  fashion team Glam N Glitz.

Edited by Shriya Ramakrishnan