11 pm permission time for senior girls confirmed1 min read

September 1, 2016 < 1 min read


11 pm permission time for senior girls confirmed1 min read

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Manipal: The permission time for senior girls residing in Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) campus hostels is now 11 pm. This was confirmed by Dr. Narayan Shenoy K, Associate Director of Student Welfare, MIT Manipal, following discussions with the Chief Warden and the Senior Security Officer.

Dr. Shenoy explicitly stated that the time restriction within which students have to enter the Kamath Circle (KC) gate will remain 10:30 pm for both boys and girls. Subsequently, there will be one hour of restricted entry wherein the combo cards of the students allowed into the campus will be confiscated. The students are required to report to the Chief Warden’s Office in order to retrieve their combo cards.

Students either proclaimed support or maintained a neutral stance when asked about their response to the change in rules. While some students believed that the change is inconsequential to them, others stated that it is a step towards equality in hostel rules. “The fact that they are bringing about changes is an indication to their attempts to establish equality,” said Drishti Sengupta, a second year Department of Commerce (DOC) student residing in Block 13.

The official notice pertaining to the change in timings will be circulated shortly.