Befarma’id ! says Department of Culinary Arts3 min read

September 26, 2016 2 min read


Befarma’id ! says Department of Culinary Arts3 min read

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Manipal: Students from the Department of Culinary Arts organised a Parsi themed food fest,  ‘The Parsi Trail’, for the first time on September 24 at the college premises.

Classrooms were adorned with fairy lights and the restaurant classic café was converted into a Parsi fine dine. Volunteers and organisers were dressed in the traditional Parsi dress. “Since I am from Mumbai and Parsi culture as well as Iranian cafes are an integral part of the city, I wanted to bring Mumbai and Manipal closer through this fest,” said Yashraj Dharradhar, the head chef of the fest.

The menu consisted of an entire five course meal served with fresh raspberry soda. For appetisers, there was a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes consisting of authentic Parsi flavours. Paneer Akuri meuille Feuille, a puff pastry, was layered with paneer ankhuri and behsmel, a white sauce made with butter milk and cream. The same layering was repeated thrice to give it a rich feeling. The Tari Ma Tarkari Nu Soup also called the toddy soup, was made out of sweet potato, carrot and yam and garnished with dehydrated pumpkin and parsley.

Made of chilly tomatoes roasted with basil and sautéed garlic, the Hamooj Ghosh, a famous Parsi appetiser was served along with rusk, topped with red, yellow and green bell pepper. Chicken Sali Boti, another starter, was made with blanched chicken and onion tomato puree along with a boti topping, made up of fried potato julienne.

The main course included Veg/Chicken Dhansak, a type of dal, which is one of the main dishes of Parsi cuisine. Adding a contemporary twist, students turned it into a risotto rice by cooking it in Dhansak and serving it along with asparagus, zucchini, bell pepper and butter. The chef also incorporated lotus stem fry to add a crisp element to the dish. A Parsi favourite, pickled radish accompanied the dish. “It’s like a complete meal in the plate,” said Chef Yashraj.

The Parsi special, Laganu Custard Tart with a cranberry compote and a mint lime jelly followed in for dessert, along with the chocolate bomb. The chocolate bomb ultimately turned into a surprise for guests as it consisted of cranberries and cream coated in rich chocolate.

The second dessert was the Wafer Ice cream Sandwich with a twist, where waffles sandwiched the saffron flavoured ice cream coated with pistachio. “We used saffron because Parsis usually like very delicate spices in their food, so we had to choose cardamom and saffron,” said Chef Sabrina, the desert head of the fest.

The college usually provides students with funds for the fests and the rest of the proceeds go to Fortune Inn Valley View hotel. “Preparations have been in full flow for the past three days, and we’re quite happy with the results,” said Sarah, one of the organisers of the fest.

Although a turnout of 110 was expected, there were more than five walk-ins, according to front desk organisers. The waiting room was lined up with guests eager to try the rich and authentic Parsi cuisine. “Parsi food is actually really good, so as soon as I heard about this fest, I booked myself a seat,” said Diya, a third-year architecture student.

Edited by Shriya Ramakrishnan