Game of Clones, Fuel RC, Robo Wars ensure action-packed Day 2 at Tech Tatva 163 min read

October 15, 2016 3 min read


Game of Clones, Fuel RC, Robo Wars ensure action-packed Day 2 at Tech Tatva 163 min read

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Manipal: Game of Clones, a superhero-based event where contenstants pitched the idea of a superhero before they were engaged in scientific battle, was introduced on the second day of Manipal Institute of Technology’s (MIT) annual technical fest, Tech Tatva. Popular events including Fuel RC 5.0 and Robo Wars were also conducted in an action packed day of festivities.

Fuel RC 5.0, a car racing game where students designed cars with IC engines was held in the stretch of road between Hostel Block 1 and Hostel Block 3. “These IC engines are limited to a 5cc capacity and they can be as small as one cc but generally people use 3.5 they come in sizes like 1/10th scale and 1/8th scale so people basically take one full car. They ready it up and modify parts if they want to and the race begins,” said Akhil, a 3rd year student of MIT.


A still from Robo Wars at Kamath Circle || Photo Courtesy: Niharika Nayak


Game of Clones meanwhile was held for the first time at Tech Tatva as a part of Chrysalis. It was a superhero based event with a scientific background. Consisting of two rounds, the first round included a small trivia based on Marvel and DC comics and movies. In the second round, the contestants were given 90 seconds where they pitched the idea of a superhero, who goes on to fight in the third and final round to decide one winner. “I’m happy with the turnout honestly. It’s a new idea so we were sceptical,” said Prerna Jain, a third year student of MIT and head of the event.

Chembiz, a chemistry based competition was a two round event where the participants’knowledge of the chemical industry was tested. In the first round, they had to draw a PFD on a sheet of paper. After a selection of the top four the next round commenced where the students had to draw a piping and instrumentation diagram. The contestants with the most practical diagrams then had to make a presentation for the judges.

The event ‘Hydromania’ meanwhile, tested the participants’ability to make a plane using the universal principles of hydraulics and ensure it flies. “The plane was to be made in two hours and degree of rotation of their arms and their rotating pace is the judging criteria,” said Anuj Jaiswal a third year student of MIT.

The Science and Entertainment quiz was held at the MV Kamath Seminar Hall. 25 questions based on movies and science were asked to a group of students in the preliminary round. There were a total of 50 participants. “The next round, which will be held tomorrow will have a different topic,” said Aditya, a second year student from Vigilance.

Tech Tatva’s famous robo wars which includes various kinds of robots fighting with different reflex techniques was held at KC. The first round was based on the theme ‘Capture the Flag’. “We won’t want to waste the energy of the Bots in the first round itself hence we’ve kept a simple capture the flag round. After this we will have the main round which will include all the fighting,” said Arjun, a third year Computer Science student of MIT. Unlike last year this year organiserd have decided to award four positions instead of two.

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