Track events catch the eye on Day 3 of Tech Tatva2 min read

October 15, 2016 2 min read

Track events catch the eye on Day 3 of Tech Tatva2 min read

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Manipal: Track events including ‘Vertigo’ and ‘Death Race’ caught the eye, as a sizable crowd gathered on Day 3 of Tech Tatva, Manipal Institute of Technology’s (MIT) annual technical fest.

Most of the events that happened on Day 3 were track games where participants created their own bots and raced them against each other. A number of informal games like ‘Wheel of Fortune’, ‘Scavenger Hunt’, and ‘Minute to Win It’ were held all over the campus. Events like ‘Metropolis Wizard’, ‘Does your Grey Matter?’, and ‘Maritime Madness’ also managed to stand out among the 45 events scheduled for the day, because of their unique names and the logic and reason behind them. 

‘Metropolis Wizard’ was a multi-domain planning event where participants were asked to plan a new city on different terrains after making wise decisions about the requirements and finance. Round one of this event which was an aptitude test got an impressive turnout of 30-35 teams, out of which only 8 teams will be qualified for the next round that is going to be held on Saturday. “Metropolis refers to the concept of urbanization and a ‘Wizard’ is someone who can make or break anything at his own risk. Hence the name ‘Metropolis Wizard’.”, said Parul Bhatia, one of the organizers of the event, explaining the nomenclature of the event.


Track events on Day 3 of Tech Tatva || Photo Courtesy: Niharika Nambiar


In the event ‘Death Race’, participants built their own bots that had weapons to tackle the obstacles on the track. Participants in ‘Maritime Madness’ had to design a bot that could move both on the road and in water. Both these events were a part of Kraftwagen.

Another event that was a part of ‘Epilson’ that impressed the crowd by the pun it carried in its name was ‘Does your Grey Matter?’. Here, the participants had to tackle a medical problem by making a substitute which can act as an alternative by using the things that are easily available around us. The second round for this event will happen on Saturday which is a hackathon called ‘Hackattack’.

Events like ‘Robowars’, ‘Game of Clones’, and ‘Mazer Lazer’ continued to be the major attraction even on the third consecutive day of the fest. Nitin, a student from MIT said, “Tech Tatva is one of the most important fests of MIT. We make sure we work hard and put all the effort possible to make it successful.” Aditi, another student from MIT, commented about the Tech Tatva app. “Tech Tatva – 16 mobile app is very helpful to know about the schedule, venue and the info of the events happening, without any difficulty. It reduces half the hustle.” she added.

Edited by Manasi Susarla