AIESEC organises inaugural Youth Speak Forum2 min read

October 30, 2016 2 min read

AIESEC organises inaugural Youth Speak Forum2 min read

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Manipal: Hosting a line of four entrepreneurial speakers from different sectors, AIESEC held the inaugural Youth Speak Forum in Fortune Inn Valley, on 23 October. The talks were mainly inspirational and focused around the importance of following one’s passion, having an entrepreneurial mindset and need for quality education.

The event hosted Sanjay Rawal, Venkatesh Kini, Farhad Acidwalla and Priya Sunil as the speakers, with Coca Cola being the main sponsor for the event. A consolidation session was also held the conclusion of the speeches, whereby the audience was divided into groups and had to come up with action plans to solve the immediate questions raised at the forum.

Sanjay Rawal, Vice President of Information Technology at Coca Cola India and South West Asia, spoke on the change in brand perception of Coca Cola. “We want to be seen as an insider. People still see us as an American multinational company,” he elucidated. Rawal also elaborated on the initiatives taken by Coca-Cola focussing on their rainwater harvesting programs and furthermore delved into how technology has and will continue to change the world.

Youth Speak Forum was organised by AIESEC which had a line up of four entrepreneurial speakers || Photo Credit: Varisha Rai

The event also saw the virtual presence of Venkatesh Kini, President of Coca Cola India and South West Asia, who described the importance of pursuing dreams. “Finding out your true passion, discovering what you’re good at, knowing what the world needs and intercepting these three circles will be your road to success,” he mentioned. When asked if Coca Cola had the opportunity to eradicate any problem in the world, Kini expressed it would be the water scarcity.

22 year old entrepreneur, investor and also a TEDx speaker, Farrhad Acidwalla spoke of his success story and how he came up with Rockstah Media. He explained the importance of having good content and a good team. “Entrepreneurs are the only people who work for 80 hours to save 40 hours for someone else. Don’t talk, just do,” he conveyed as an advice to aspiring student entrepreneurs.

Priya Sunil, Lead Manager of the Teach for India programme, spoke on the importance and values of academic achievement, exposure and access while raising a question at the very beginning of her speech, “What is quality education?” Sunil also reasoned with the degrading quality of education due to the lack in critical thinking. She elaborated on Teach for India’s setup, which worked mainly with Alumni networks and collaborations, whereby the only help they received from the Government of India was by gaining access to schools.

Sanjay Rawal also had a personal interaction with students, whereby he explained about Coca Cola and the importance of their immediate projects in India. He also asked students for feedback and suggestions, and insisted them to see Coca Cola as an Indian product. The event also hosted a live band performance by Chicken Sambar.