Let’s talk without being judged?2 min read

January 28, 2017 2 min read

Let’s talk without being judged?2 min read

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Manipal: In a bid to encourage personal interaction, Psych Club of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) organised ‘Blindfolded Conversations’ at the Venugopal Temple lawns on January 26.

Inspired by a group from Bangalore, Psych Club brought the idea of blindfolded conversations with strangers to Manipal. Everyone who attended the event were blindfolded and paired up with a stranger and left to talk for 15 minutes without revealing their identity, after which they were swapped with another stranger. The event was conducted to help people go beyond the physical judgement phase and open up to strangers anonymously.

A still from Blindfolded Conversations organised by the Psych Club || Photo Courtesy: Nischhal Sharma

The idea behind conducting this event was to encourage personal interaction, bring people getting together and have them open up to strangers. ”It’s not just for us to observe but for people to try and figure out things about themselves. You get to share your stories, get to know their stories and discover new things about yourself,” said Nikhail Andrade, an Advisory Board Member of the club.

The feeling of validation that she can talk to someone without being judged brought Shubhra to the VGT Grounds to take part in the event. “I’m really glad I came here. I realised that all the three people I met had similar interests, something I would not have come to know otherwise. So you get to meet new people and get to know so much about them and it’s somehow more comforting than ranting to a friend. I think they should conduct more such events,” she said.

A pair engaged in a blindfolded conversation || Photo Courtesy: Nischhal Sharma


The Psych Club focuses on psychology and personal interaction in unorthodox manners by hosting workshops conducted by the board members on various topics like body language, mind paralysis and personality typing. “The best events that we can have are the ones that involve people. It’s something we like to do because we like taking off beat in path. The ones that doesn’t make sense and we do it because its fun,” said a core member of the Psych Club Team.

Photograph Courtesy: Nischhal Sharma