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Adding colour to the skies1 min read

February 6, 2017 2 min read


Adding colour to the skies1 min read

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Manipal played host to its first ever Pride Support Ally march organised by Article 19, School of Communication’s annual media fest. An eager and excited throng took the rainbow flag out on a roll through the streets of the University town, and of course no one could help but stare.

And why not talk it out while they are staring? || Photograph Courtesy: Tamanna Wadehra


In waves the flag spilled colour and clamour over the streets of Manipal || Photograph Courtesy: Tamanna Wadehra


Lead, and be backed by the rainbow || Photograph Courtesy: Tamanna Wadehra


“Kaunsa kanoon sabse battar? Teen sau sassattar, teen sau sassattar” || Photograph Courtesy: Tamanna Wadehra


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