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The Local Train arrives in Manipal again2 min read

February 19, 2017 3 min read


The Local Train arrives in Manipal again2 min read

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Indie rock band ‘The Local Train’ returned to Manipal, less than a year after performing at Revels, to perform at Nawaazish ’17, a public concert organised by the Rotaract Club of Manipal.

The Local Train’s popularity in Manipal skyrocketed when they performed at Revels last year. It was enough to convince the organisers to recall them for a second live performance at the MIT Quadrangle || Photograph Courtesy: Julius Pereira


Even the MIT Director was seen sporting event T-Shirt. “I had my apprehensions in inviting The Local Train again because bands don’t usually come back to the place they have performed so soon, but they accepted our request and we are thrilled to have them here”, he said before the band took the stage. || Photograph Courtesy: Niharika Nayak


‘The Local Train’ has gained a reputation among college students by performing at campuses across the country. Here, vocalist Raman Negi is seen engaging with the crowd || Photograph Courtesy: Mahalakshmi R


The band re-shuffled their playlist, playing three songs from the to-be-released second album including ‘Khudi Ko Khud Se Milale’ , ‘Aakhri Salaam’  and ‘Ganje’. Drummer Sahil Sarin sported a wide smile during the concert || Photograph Courtesy: Niharika Nayak


The band even recorded the crowd going along to the chorus of their new song, in the hope of including it in the upcoming album. Here, guitarist Paras Thakur has eyes only for the guitar|| Photograph Courtesy: Julius Pereira


If it turns out to the band’s liking, there’s a chance that a chorus sung by Manipal students, will be a part of the upcoming album || Photograph Courtesy: Mahalakshmi R


Featured Photograph Courtesy: Julius Pereira

Stay tuned to The Manipal Journal as we will be uploading more photographs from the event on our facebook page.

The Manipal Journal and Manipal The Talk.Net , also come together for the first time to bring you the collaborative interview with The Local Train.

Editor’s Note: The album of pictures is now online

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