The Proshow will go on4 min read

March 6, 2017 3 min read

The Proshow will go on4 min read

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Manipal Institute of Technology’s (MIT) annual cultural fest – Revels – begins today kicking off a week of festivities in the University town. Like every year, the anticipation among students revolves around the lineup of artists coming down to grace the institution. With two comedians, two bands, an illusionist , and a DJ among the performers, this year’s artist line-up appears diverse as the show goes on with the 36th edition of the fest.

The line-up of the featured performers was announced just after a concert by The Local Train (Nawaazish ’17) on February 18. Navigating the arduous way through managers, agents, deadlines, and commitments, the team behind Revels 2017 hopes that this year’s shows will be bigger and better than previous ones, befitting MIT’s 60th anniversary.

The series of shows kicks off on March 7 with mystery and illusion. A popular YouTube personality, Karan Singh is a psychological illusionist, who specialises in mind reading. Using his keen observational skills, he enthralls his audience with tricks and illusions. Singh’s work is well known – he has performed for stars like Vidya Balan and Aamir Khan, in addition to corporate gigs and videos with All India Bakchod. Aiming to change the way people in India look at magic, he involves psychology, body language and hypnosis in his act, and has been largely successful in astounding large crowds.

Complete with his characteristic bow tie, one of East India Comedy’s founding members is also making his way down to the student town of Manipal. Sahil Shah is one of India’s most successful comedians, with his natural comedic style resonating strongly with the youth of the nation. Good-naturedly mocking everything from being single to chess, his stand up performances are often met with raucous laughter. Spreading cheer in multiple locations within India and internationally, Shah has also given a TedX speech about breaking barriers and embracing one’s opportunity and passion.

Sahil Shah performing at India vs The World, East India Comedy || Photograph Courtesy: Sahil Shah Facebook Page


However, he isn’t the only comedian on stage that night. Karunesh Talwar is a rising star in the world of comedy. Attributing his comedic style to the power of the written word, Talwar climbed his way through the world of stand-up comedy by winning competitions and spreading his witty views on the world and the people in it. Refusing to bow down to the power of instant media and online popularity, he abstained from posting videos of his shows on YouTube until just about three months ago. Establishing himself as a comedian to be taken seriously, Talwar’s effortless blend of humour in Hindi and English is highly awaited in Manipal.

Lagori is the wildcard of this year’s proshow performers. The Bangalore based band combines classical Indian melodies with rock, funk, and pop to create a unique sound. Featured on popular television series The Dewarists, the band is constantly growing in popularity, with nationwide tours and campus visits keeping them busy. The band describes itself as a reflection of the soul of the modern Indian youth.

‘Lagori’ performing at Xavier’s Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar || Photo Courtesy: Lagori Facebook Page


ProShow night sees Benny Dayal, arguably one of the more popular playback singers of today’s age, with a group of like-minded people, each passionate, devoted, and dedicated towards funky music. Funktuation, a pet project of this veteran singer, was formed in Chennai in 2011, and began its journey by playing covers of funk songs from the 1980s and 1990s. However, the band’s sound evolved, and they developed their own unique style of groovy – fusing electro-funk and alt-pop. Today, they tour the nation, perform in popular television shows, and take an active part in the musical journey of any diehard Indian fan of classic funk.

Lastly, Anish Sood enthrals the Indian Electronic Music scene with his fusion of electro and techno music. With experience playing in multiple clubs, venues, and stages, Sood has been a constant for any fan of this genre – he has played at major festivals as well, such as Sunburn Goa. He also has been bestowed multiple awards for his musical talents.

Featured Photograph: Niharika Nayak

Edited by Manasi Susarla

Revels 2017 is set to begin with the inauguration tomorrow at 6 pm at the MIT Quadrangle, followed by the performance by magician Karan Singh. Stay tuned to The Manipal Journal for updates from the fest.