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Revels 2017 In pictures: Day 011 min read

March 9, 2017 2 min read

Revels 2017 In pictures: Day 011 min read

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MIT’s annual sporting and cultural fest Revels’17 kickstarted as students from in and around Manipal milled in for the first day of the fest. Day 1 of the fest witnessed an array of sports and cultural events including Labyrinth, Desi Tadka, Mr and Ms Revels and Haute Couture.

The Manipal Journal spins a recap of the first day in pictures.

The winner of Miss Supranational 2016 Ms. Srinidhi Shetty, judged the Fbb Campus Princess selections for 2017, and shortlisted two finalists from among 17 contestants for the same || Photo courtesy: Delvin Verghese.


The two finalists of the selection process walk with a judge. || Photo courtesy : Tamanna Wadehra


A group of contestants broke out into a flurry of emotions as they performed the aggressive dance form of tandava during ‘Desi Tadka’, a group dance event that witnessed a mix of eastern, non classical and folk dances. || Photo courtesy : Tamanna Wadehra


Labyrinth, the hurdle race, was started off by contestants rapelling down from the terrace and heading towards different locations, overcoming obstacles on their way. || Photo courtesy: Tamanna Wadehra


Participants walked the ramp donning colorful costumes, during the fashion show event Haute Couture. || Photo courtesy: Niharika Nayak