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BeTaal stages a flashback into the 60’s2 min read

March 10, 2017 3 min read

BeTaal stages a flashback into the 60’s2 min read

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A bunch of theatre enthusiasts got together to present a centre stage play, ‘Mere Abba Mughal -e- Azam’ under the production group, ‘BeTaal’ at the School of Communication(SOC) auditorium on March 1.

The play was scripted and directed by Abhinav Grover, a former student of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) and founder of the theatre group BeTaal.

The audience was welcomed into the world of Abbajaan and his family with classic Hindi music from the 1960’s playing in the background, setting the ambience for the play. Set in the 60’s, the play focused on the life of a Muslim family comprising of a conservative father, his three daughters and a 10-year old son named Yusuf.

The siblings, more so the three sisters are seen to be ardent fans of Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar. Here, the siblings are pictured having a discussion about their favourite actor || Photograph Courtesy: Rukkini Chatterjee

Here, Yusuf is enacting a scene from Dilip Kumar’s, Devdas; leaving his sisters amazed || Photograph Courtesy: Rukkini Chatterjee

Their love for Dilip Kumar is much to the chagrin of their father, who considers their obsession for cinema to be against his Mughal lineage. Since the sisters aren’t allowed to go to the cinema themselves, they send their younger brother Yusuf to watch movies and he, in turn, narrates the plot to them.

Abbajaan is infuriated to know of Yusuf’s furtive trips to the cinema. Here, the 3 sisters are trying to pacify him and save Yusuf from his wrath. || Photograph Courtesy: Rukkini Chatterjee


Yusuf being pampered by his sisters as they attempt to pry out a film’s story || Photography Courtesy: Rukkini Chatterjee

Despite being reprimanded for his frequent visits to the cinema, in the climax, one sees Yusuf drawing parallels between the film’s storyline and his own family while watching Dilip Kumar’s film ‘Mughal-e- Azam’.

The play’s director, Abhinav Grover said, ” This play is inspired by the life of an Iranian director and I wanted to show the irony of his life with context to an Indian setup.” The same play has been performed thrice previously, twice in IIM-Kozhikode and once at the MIT Library Auditorium.

Venumadhav Bhat, administrator for BeTaal said, “We are a private entity and do not belong to any college. Performing theatre is our hobby. If one has a passion for theatre, one can join us, irrespective of age.”

Featured Photograph: Rukkini Chatterjee

Edited by Shivani Singh