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Revels 2017 In pictures: Day 021 min read

March 10, 2017 2 min read

Revels 2017 In pictures: Day 021 min read

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The 2nd day of Revels 2017 witnessed the student populace decked in ethnic wear and a series of competitions. While gaming, art, oratory and sporting events happened throughout the day, numerous bands and dance crews participated in Unplugged and Groove in the evening. The night culminated on a lighter note as comedians Karunesh Talwar and Sahil Shah took the stage.

The Manipal Journal brings to you Day 2 in photographs.

A drummer in action at the final round of Unplugged, an acoustic musical competition that took place at the MIT Quadrangle|| Photograph Courtesy: Rukkini Chatterjee



A contestant showing off his moves at Moonwalk, the western dance solo finals || Photograph Courtesy: Rukkini Chatterjee


Dance groups from Manipal and the nearby region participated in ‘Groove’, the western group dance finals. The competition also served as the regional level auditions for the India Hip-hop Dance Championship. Here, a team is about to commence their performance || Photograph Courtesy: Rukkini Chatterjee


Karunesh Talwar, the 25-year old stand-up artist of ‘Paka Na Mat Mote’ fame seemed to amuse the audience with his satirical approach to social taboos. He is captured engaging the audience with is nonchalant attitude on daily life issues || Photograph Courtesy: Rukkini Chatterjee


Comedian Sahil Shah of East India Comedy was the last performer for the day. His stand-up included personal anecdotes and a hilarious take on day-to-day problems that burst the audience into peals of laughter || Photograph Courtesy: Anany Khare

Featured Photograph by Rukkini Chatterjee.